Standard designs

This is a selection of images of our standard cutlery range. These are fully developed and proven to be successful. They can either be used as they are, or be changed to your specific requirements. They can also be used as inspiration for your future new cutlery set.

Custom-made designs

Next to our standard cutlery range, we also have a separate collection of cutlery designs that are smaller, lighter and suitable for other classes like (Premium) Economy. Also these designs can be used for inspiration or starting point for your new to be developed cutlery set.

Serving items

Next to cutlery Sola has a wide range of serving items and other in-flight equipment, like tongs in various sizes, aluminium oven inserts and bread baskets. Also for these items we are able to custom-made any item you wish to start using on-board in future.


Sola manufactures and supplies a variation of standard coffee brewers as well as insulated coffee/teapots. Each item can be fully customized or specifically developed for your on-board service.

Contact details:

Maarten Grisèl

Director Sales
Far East and Middle East
mobile +31 6 53 23 07 24

Robert Gerritsen

Vice President
Far East and Middle East
mobile +31 6 22 405 777

Hans Engels

Export manager
Europe and North America/Canada – South-America
mobile +31 6 23 34 90 66

Bernd Koperdraad

Junior Export manager
Europe and Africa
mobile +31 6 14 88 51 06