Light weight plastic replacement cutlery Options

What options are available?

  • Set composition
  • Set packing options
  • Logo
  • 1,0 mm version

Set composition

You have the option to choose what items you want as a set. Depending on your service you can decide to add or skip items.

Set packing options

We have developed three designs consisting of a knife, fork, large spoon and teaspoon. We can supply these items packed in a paper pouch carrying your logo.

We can also add a paper pouch, if desired with your company logo embedded in it. Options for toothpicks and/or chopsticks are also available.


All cutlery items can be stamped with your company logo.

We can also print your logo on the paper pouch in case you want to have it packed prior to usage. Both options have certain MOQ’s and your contact person will be able to inform you accordingly.

1,0 mm option

Upon request we are also able to produce this type of cutlery in a double 1,0 mm thickness. It creates a stronger version, which is an option in case the 0, 5 mm is considered too thin. Please check with your contact person for this option.