Light weight plastic replacement cutlery

European ban on single-use-plastics in 2021

Info & background

Due to the upcoming European ban on single-use plastics in 2021 the airline catering industry will have to react. Plastics are damaging our environment and have a negative impact on life on land as well as in our seas and oceans. Although 2021 is still far away, you can already start preparing or even beat the queue and benefit from the options Sola can offer you.

Sola believes the only reasonable and sustainable way to replace plastic cutlery is replacing this by a stainless steel version. The advantage of using stainless steel is that it is a natural product. The total production process is cleaner versus plastics, especially due to the recycling. Stainless steel is a circular/fully recyclable product. If left in the environment, it will return back to its original natural shape, without polluting the air, water or soil. Stainless steel is a rotable product and has a more luxurious look compared to plastics.

We have developed a complete range of 3 cutlery designs that can be the solution for you. They are ultra-light weight, able to be produced quickly in mass volumes and can be used as a rotable or disposable alternative.

Please check here all the data, specifications, details and options we can offer you. You can also reach out to your regular contact person and receive all the data you need.