Light weight plastic replacement cutlery Environment

The Sola solution and the environment:

With the onset of environmental awareness and the increased need to reduce carbon footprints, our business and industry is looking for better ways to ensure our products are environmentally friendly.

Stainless steel is a natural product. The entire production process is cleaner versus plastics, especially due to the fact that it is fully recyclable. Steel is a circular and fully recyclable raw material. If left in the environment, it will return back to its original shape, without polluting the air, water or soil.

What are the alternatives?

Naturally, there is a wider range of alternative solutions that claim to be sustainable to replace plastic besides steel….or is there?

We have researched extensively the credible alternatives to plastic, and there are many. Wood, bio-plastics, bamboo, cardboard or paper, composite compressed organics – the developers are all working hard to perfect credible alternatives. The facts however remain that, currently, all of the potential alternatives have a varying range of significant drawbacks. These include very high-energy-processing requirements. It takes a huge amount of energy and resource to produce many organic alternatives. Many of these then need various types of plasticized coatings to be food-safe. This consequently makes them difficult to compost or degrade, despite the claims.

Wood and bamboo or compressed sugar cane are also accompanied by problems around production energy and customer perception in their usability. Eating from these utensils is not always such a pleasant experience. Many paper or cardboard products are weak and give the impression of cheap quality. This is not to say the solutions to these and other problems incurred by these alternatives to plastic won’t one day be found. However, right now, as far as our research and solutions project has determined, there is really only one credible choice…..Steeling the future!

Stainless steel suffers from none of these problems. Sola Netherlands has mastered the technique of producing great designs in high quality steel at almost the same costs as throw-away plastic.

Sola Netherlands super lightweight cutlery can be tailored to your own unique design. It can be immediately recycled, or re-used time and time again. Either way, the future of the planet’s environment, and of your company’s place in the efforts to deliver a more sustainable future are assured by a cost-effective solution that will last longer than any piece of plastic.

For more information on our research findings on the alternatives to plastic, and speak with our Design Solutions Team, please contact us.