Welcome to Sola Airline / Railway Cutlery B.V. – The Netherlands

140 years of experience in designing and manufacturing stainless steel cutlery

Worldwide more than 80 airlines and railway companies make use of our custom made solutions

Standard / Custom

Apart from a wide range of existing designs, we are also professionals in developing your custom-made cutlery design.

Quality steel

We produce cutlery in various qualities of steel. Finishing your cutlery in a colour PVD-coating is also an option.


Our hollowware range contains coffee/teapots, creamers, tongs, trays and many more.

New developments

Sola continuously develops new products to improve passenger safety, service and comfort.

Why choose us?

Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. is part of the mother company Sola B.V., and founded as a separate company to better serve large end-users like airline and railway companies. These companies need special attention, specialized know-how and a different approach.

Over the past 140 years Sola has grown into an important player on the market. Due to this growth of the company we expanded our production facilities to Asia. In view of the highly competitive market, we can benefit from sharp prices due to our high volumes and long lasting relationship with our factories and effective and cost efficient distribution. As part of Sola’s quality control we supervise and analyse the materials carefully. All factories are regularly visited by our QC department, in order to optimize the cooperation and production quality output.

Airline and railway division

Apart from our wide variety of cutlery designs from the mother company Sola B.V. we have developed an additional range of special products that are fully custom made for each of our clients. These designs are in many cases made lighter, smaller or larger, reduced in thickness, and mostly provided with a logo. The design options are endless and Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. is specialized in developing the exact cutlery design that meets your expectation, style and price range in any volume required at any location world-wide.

This approach and our full service support made Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. become the cutlery and/or hollowware supplier for more than 80 airlines world-wide. A list of clients is available for you upon request.


It is our goal to establish a long lasting business relation with our clients. With the majority of our current customers we do business for many years. Everybody we do business with can rely on the expertise and craftsmanship of our team of experts.


We have multiple factories at our disposal. In combination with our expertise and presence in the market we can operate quickly and are basically always competitive. Our team and factories are highly flexible and we can always provide a quick and reliable solution for all your requirements.

Quality control

Our products are manufactured in the Far East. These factories are under our control and are closely monitored by Sola B.V. and Sola Korea Ltd. Production output is checked and the production sites are visited regularly throughout the year.

Our top features

There are no limits

  • Endless possibilities in tailor-made solutions.
  • More than 140 years of experience.
  • In-house factory and design studio.

Global Delivery

  • Warehouses in Europe, Asia and USA enables us to supply in-time in any volume.
  • Including buffer/safety stocks.

Customer Service

  • A team of multi-lingual specialists provides an excellent personal customer service to all our clients world-wide.


  • Due to a stable quality production output Sola can assure competitive pricing and best value for your money.

Quality stainless steel

  • We supply both 18/10 and 18/0 stainless steel as well as silver-and gold-plating.
  • New features are colour coatings.

Custom-made Products

  • Almost all products Sola supplies daily are custom made specifically to our clients requirements.
  • Together we develop these to enable you to better serve your passengers.

Contact details:

Maarten Grisèl

Director Sales
Far East and Middle East

mobile +31 6 53 23 07 24

Robert Gerritsen

Vice President
Far East and Middle East

mobile +31 6 22 405 777

Hans Engels

Export manager
Europe and North America/Canada – South-America

mobile +31 6 23 34 90 66

Bernd Koperdraad

Export manager
Europe and Africa

mobile +31 6 14 88 51 06