Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Product Groups – 9. Trays

Product Group # 9 – Trays

We are offering you our prices for both the 044208309 & 044207777 tray.

You will not receive samples of these items. We can produce them. Obviously, because we listed prices for these two items, and they are also below target price, but there is something special about them.

The thing is the same as with the decanter, thermos flask in case you want to copy them. It requires high tooling costs, without the guarantee it will fit or be as expected. Trays are difficult to produce. The flat surface is the most difficult. The tooling and the machinery pressing the material must be accurate to the very millimeter. Otherwise the product starts to wobble, and cannot be used in service. Making it thicker, makes the whole product too heavy. Making it thinner, makes it much easier to bend.

So even though it looks like a very easy product, it is actually one of the most difficult items to produce. Making a sample is also difficult, because of the high tooling costs. So, the price you have received today is what we can do. The price is including the tooling costs, but we need to be very careful with the dimensions in case we are awarded this business. One quarter of an inch too short is a waste of a small fortune.

Can we do it? Absolutely – otherwise we would not be quoting this. But we need to do this carefully.