Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Product Groups – 8. Thermos

Product Group # 8 – Thermos

Just like the Alessi items and the decanter – we can go through a lot of effort in making a 100% copy, while we also might want to go for a very similar product. This is also an item where there are many in the market. We can spend $ 10K copying the thing, while there are very similar items too.

Please check our price in the bid sheet. This is based on a very similar item. We are below the target price. It has the same specifications. Only this factory cannot do the silver/white printing. They can do black, which is actually better to read.

We also might want to add the stopper too. These items seem to disappear in mass volume all the time. We will supply these at cost price, as we need to keep this product going at all times. No stopper – no flask.

There are also options I wanted to inform you about. We are also working on flasks that have better and different lids. So far I have only seen images of this, and I await samples. Once there is more news on this, and if they are actually an improvement, I will let you know.