Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Product Groups – 6. Decanter

Product Group # 6 – Decanter

This is a special product, and we need to be smart on this how we want to continue with such an item. Last year we received a sample of this item. Decanters like this are available in the market in many shapes and forms.

What we can do is make a 100% copy of the item. That would mean a big investment in tooling. Much larger compared to cutlery and chopsticks for instance. Or, we can go for a very similar item that does the job in the same way, has the same content and is in the same quality.

What we are quoting you today is very similar version Sola Korea can buy in the market. It is right up the target price. But in case this is of interest, we might want to explore the market more and see what options are workable.

What I will do is add a sample of a very similar decanter that is in our range for some time. If this is an alternative that can work, we might proceed that direction.