Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Product Groups – 3. Baskets

Product Group # 3 – Baskets

I am now referring to the new items, that were not in any previous bid rounds. These are the 044207924 and the 044207520.

044207924 Fruit basket

We belief the sizes are not correct. Perhaps millimeter and inches have been mixed. You can also tell the basket needs to be much smaller than the specifications if you look closely at the person holding the basket when this picture was taken.

What we have done is convert this style of basket back to what it probably needs to be, and that is an Atlas size basket. Size 380 x 265 x 102 mm. That is what our price represents, and in stainless steel ofcourse.

044207520 Basket

This is a rather big basket. The current version is plastic and the price we are quoting today as if you would produce this in stainless steel. Obviously we have not made samples of this product as we first want to know from you whether this is something to pursue or not.