Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Other ideas

Other ideas:

This whole RFP is a big project. Even if Sola gets awarded one product (group) it will require more discussion on when and how we all want to do this. It is our job to make sure that all the stop lights are turned to green. Once that is done, things will get started and we will have time to focus on other ideas.

As I mentioned earlier, if we come to business, we want to include you on future products or ideas. If they are of interest for Delta – that would be a positive contribution. We continue to add new cutlery designs to our range. We also develop products for other airlines. We are working on these new items:

  1. Stirrers
  2. Napkin clips
  3. Drawer clips
  4. Double wall coffee server
  5. Individual bread baskets
  6. Expanding the range of aluminium oven inserts

We all know these plastic stirrers or straws. For Project 2021 we developed a stainless steel option at a very low price. Napkin clips with cut out logo’s that look amazing when the white napkin is wrapped in. Drawer clips to keep the baskets together. The double wall coffee server is a new idea for better presentation on top of the trolley. Individual bread baskets – sent a sample of it in the sample box.

We already supply aluminium oven inserts to several airlines. This is perhaps one of the most unknown articles we supply. We are going to make a better presentation on those items, as the specifications are very different from one and the other.