Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Product Groups – 1. Cutlery

Product Group # 1 – Cutlery:

Delta is now using cutlery that is developed by Alessi. When we met in Atlanta back in January 2020, you mentioned that Delta might want to choose for a different design. We explored our options with a Sola design called Montreux.

Obviously COVID put a stop to all our ideas and we are basically back to square one. I do not want to go into details about what COVID did to our business. We need to get out of this crisis and this is how we might do just that.

And to be very clear on what we are offering today, I want to emphasize that the prices in the bid sheet you have received today, we are quoting for the Alessi design, as how it will be as we would produce it. I am leaving out any discussion about IPR-rights or similar features. This is the price you would pay with Sola for this cutlery set.

Back in October we did a very similar RFP and there were more items involved, like other spoons and forks. These prices represent the items in the exact shape/form/quality, but at lower post-COVID-start-up-volumes.

You also received a large box with samples from us. In that box you will find a black folder with samples of the Sola version of the knife, fork and spoon. This set does not have the Alessi logo obviously.

Might you/Delta decide to switch to another design – please let us know and we can make that happen. Back to Montreux perhaps? I added an extra set in the sample box in case you do not have the other samples available anymore. At least you can now see our price- and quality level and go from there.