Delta Airlines – RFP 2020 – Coffee server

Coffee brewers & – servers:

On board of almost any commercial aircraft you will find these coffee machines. They can come from BE/Aerospace, Iacobucci, Rumbold or other manufacturers. The only way you can get coffee out of these machines is if they are fitted with the right coffee pot. And we supply these in large volumes to many airlines. It is a standard item, but there are also some features we can add.

The pot we are offering you today is the round coffee pot. It is not the Rumbold version. Rumbold is an old brand of coffee machines and there are still airlines making use of these. But they are shaped very differently. See the image here on the right.

This is the pot in question we are offering today. It is the standard round coffee brewer that fits under most machines. Yes, we need to do a fitting test first before we can proceed. I am sure they fit, and if they don’t we will make them fit.

It is possible that we make changes to this pot based on modifications an airline might have made in the past. But that is something a simple fit-test will show.

Double wall or not?

We often receive the question whether we have this pot in a double wall version. There is a certain double-wall pot available in the market that is actually a double-wall, but it weighs a ton and costs a fortune.

Whether you want to use a double wall or not is something we might want to discuss first. Why do you want to have a double wall? Obviously to keep coffee or tea hot for a longer period of time. That is completely understandable. We have done tests with both versions, double and single wall. The results showed us that the biggest loss of heat goes through the top opening.

Plus why would you need to keep coffee hot for such a long time? The boarding process does not take that long. And you need to throw the coffee away prior to take-off anyhow.

Lid, yes or no?

A lid can solve a large portion of the heat-losing-problem. There are plastic caps available you can press on the opening.

But in your case – the coffee is poured into the 044208199 coffee server. Meaning there is no need for a lid whatsoever. So, why go through the trouble of adding one?


The main features of these pots are three aspects. First the height of the pot needs to be spot-on. Secondly the diameter of the opening must be accurate. And third – how do you want to serve your coffee? In the Delta case you are using the Alessi pot. But in fact this is an additional product on board to make the pot look nice. Because a standard brewer does not look elegant. For other airlines we are making adjustments, by for instance matting the surface. That gives a completely different look. We are also working on a new type of pot. Please see the images here below. I have to say that these are ideas we are working on. They are not 100% developed yet.

If this could be an option for Delta, we can prioritize this. Because of COVID we are focusing on other projects first, but we can of course change that in your benefit in case you want us to do that.