Delta Airlines – Question #81: Delta Air Lines requires that your organization agree to all of the Terms & Conditions outlined in this RFQ. Please submit any comments to the Terms and Conditions with your proposal.


As I mentioned in several other questions, there must be room for flexibility. We can have 1 or 100 pages of terms and conditions, but our business comes down to being reasonable and flexible.

Especially now. I cannot speak for other suppliers and airlines, but we have both been hit hard by COVID-19. Both our sales/number of passengers have dropped to lows we have never seen before. We are in a crisis, and we are all in it as deep as we can.

What I am saying is that are both trying to get out the crisis. And yes – we need to be very clear on what we agree, especially since we are new to each other. But I emphasize that we prefer a level of flexibility. Our future cooperation is a two-way-street. You predict to consume 600.000 knives in 2021. What happens if COVID-19 fires up again and we end up with 250.000 knives? Am I going to raise all my prices then? I can, because you did not consume the volumes……But we belief this is a situation we need to avoid. Neither of us knows how this situation will develop. Of course we both hope for the best, and we absolutely know you have come up with the best annual volumes you can provide.

I just want to be clear that we both want the best for our companies now and in future. We can only do that if we are clear on the terms and conditions, but also take into consideration that market circumstances can vary, and that can swing both ways.