Delta Airlines – Question #73: Describe the expected timeline for transition. Describe the key elements of the transition plan.

Time line:

The decision to make ANY decision is based on proper information from the factories. We are in daily contact, and we have a very good idea in what stage the production should be in. But that needs to be verified and can be done within the same day or the following.

We can make clear decisions that same day.

Key elements:

The key elements are in what stage the production has commenced at the time of the disaster or event. Can we ship out a certain volume now, followed by the balance? At what time do we need to supply to begin with? Is this part of a buffer or actual delivery?

If things really get stuck we have the option to move factories. The factory we intend to use for your product has a satellite factory in the South of China. Production can move from one place to the other. Basically we have a buffer factory available for your products. They fall under the same management of the head factory near Beijing. It means that the same level of quality and craftsmanship is used, only at a different location.