Delta Airlines – Question #71: What disaster recovery procedures and redundancy are in place to protect service and inventory product levels for your client?

Disaster recovery procedure:

When disaster strikes at one of our factories we have the option to immediately switch to another factory. We have multiple factories spread over Asia, basically all doing the same thing and working according our standards. When something like this happens, another factory will take over.

Disaster recovery procedure in Europe:

In case something would happen to our building/organization, than a recovery plan will come to place immediately. We are insured in such a way that office space including machinery can be replaced within 48 hours.

Backups are done remotely and our service provider has a group of specialist available to help us set up the entire system. In the worst case scenario we will lose one day of work.


Regardless what happens and how well insured we are, disasters are events that can take place and we will always be effected by it in one way or the other. There will always be something that is not planned for.

We had the 2015 Tianjin harbor explosion. Tianjin is the harbor close to Beijing where a few our best factories are located. When this happened several of our containers just left for Europe and the USA. By the lack of better words, we were “lucky” that was the case. But at the time it took some days to get confirmation from the shipping company that those containers had really left.

We were not anxious about our factories as those are situation at the other side of Beijing, and other part of Tianjin and no way near the harbor.

There was an issue with a container getting lost in that tragic event. Goods for an European client were in that LCL-container. At did not concern goods that were needed urgently. They were produced to replenish a buffer stock, but nevertheless it is a problem and creates production planning issues. In the end it got sorted out, but disasters always cause more issues than we want.