Delta Airlines – Question #62: Do you offer take-back programs for your product?


Not in a way that when the product is not used/consumed in a few months. But we can certainly set-up a program to return used product and have them recycled.

This question is difficult to answer. We are sure that at some stage or level your stations already have waste separation programs. We can offer that as well, and it is basically the following principle:

As soon as a product of ours comes back from a flight, or when the catering station beliefs the product has come to its end of her life cycle, these products need to be collected and separated from the rest. We are in contact with a company that does world-wide scrapping and dealings in scrap metal in any form, size and weight. They are able to collect this waste and have it recycled. This is a guaranteed process, so it will not end up at some beach or dumped somewhere else.

There is even money to be gained from the weight in raw material. However, there are also costs made to collect the goods and have it transported to wherever it is recycled.

At this moment there is not an airline making use of this program, due to COVID-19. Perhaps that will come, and we can share that information. Do not expect you will get rich from having this product returned. In fact – it might even costs some, but you – the airline – can say you are offering a recycled product and the impact on the environment is very low.