Delta Airlines – Question #60: Do you offer any variety of light-weighted products?


The SUP-replacement program, called Project 2021, is one example. We discussed this in previous questions.

Furthermore our entire range of cutlery can be “converted” into a lighter option. Our range is set-up in a First/Business Class range of products to choose from. These are the same designs available for hotels/restaurants and retail. These designs can be the inspiration for an airlines new designs. These designs come in a standard size, shape and thickness. For the airline industry weight is important, so often we re-design any changes our client want, including reducing the weight. This can be done in various ways, including cutting down on thickness. It is our expertise/experience to do that without a – damaging the original design and b – disturbing the balance in the item.

Next to that we also have a (Premium) Economy Class range of cutlery designs. These are smaller, lighter, thinner.

Examples can be found here below:

Eurostar cutlery

Pattern Florence:

Eurostar is the high-speed train between Paris and London. They selected this design for their Business Class. But they wanted to tweak the design. If you compare the top image and the one here on the left, you can see we have changed the bowl part of the spoon and the fork. These are much more stretched out, which was a specific wish.

We also cut back on the thickness to bring back the weight. In contrary to the airline industry weight is not that big of an issue, but in this case the entire tray with everything on it is presented to the passengers and therefore a reduction in weight was requested.

Plus less weight, means less costs per piece.