Delta Airlines – Question #58: Provide examples of sustainable production practices:

Confidential and not tested yet.

This project to replace SUP-cutlery is so new that we have not had time to investigate all the criteria in this question. There is one airline that already started using this cutlery, but the results were confidential. And right when this was going to be advised to us this whole COVID-situation started.

One of your own partners, (I am not sure whether I am allowed to mention their name), also had an interest in this. In fact, we were going to do a test-flight. Everything was in order. Goods received. We even had a date planned, but COVID beat us to it.

We were very interested in seeing the results. How would the cutlery react in real life? Would it be too small? Too thin? How much sets would we be able to recover from each flight?

All vital information for this project, but we are stuck unfortunately. We asked several stations to wash it. I belief we even had a chance to wash it at one of your stations here in Europe, but we never got to that point.

In order to get at least some data, we asked ECOLAB to perform a washing test. You can view or download it here below. This is a test when cutlery is washed over and over again, but it is not used, which makes the test not complete, but the fact that the product can be washed many times is an absolute plus.