Delta Airlines – Question #57: Does the factory have a recycling program? 


With this plastic cutlery replacement program you have the option to get the waste recycled. How we can do that is something we need to discuss, because we cannot do that alone. We need to get the (washing) stations involved too. Waste needs to be separated, (if they already don’t do so). In short – there are definitely options to get this organized.

Which materials are widely recycled?

The solution we have for SUP plastics is 18/0 steel. This is 100% recyclable. With the production of steel no chemicals or any other alloy is added. 18/0 is the same steel used for your “normal” cutlery. For this project it is produced very thin, 0.5 mm, making it ultralight, but also rotable. Any additional service you can do with this cutlery is a win-situation.

But in case this is desired the set can also be disposable. That is also why we kept the price at a very low limit.