Delta Airlines – Question #51: Will your organization partner with Delta Air Lines by holding design workshops to jointly design a sustainable onboard service program?


Coincidentally we are in the middle of setting our company up for BSCI. We are registered at the AMFORI – platform, where you can see Sola, and what we are doing so far.

Design workshops are projects that is pretty new for us. This comes from the fact that cutlery is not always considered one of the biggest eye-catchers on the tray. And in many cases it is also covered/wrapped in a napkin. We always need to adapt to the bigger items, like the plates and glasses. At least that is our impression. Maybe we have been to modest in the past showing what we can do……

On the other side – throughout the year we spend a great amount of time developing new ideas and products. In that perspective we are more open and proud of what we supply.

With succes and experience and an increasing longer list of clients we started participating in competitions. We won the last Mercury Award with an incredible product. And we developed the solution for the SUP-plastics problem. (Got to the finals for that one, till WTCE got cancelled).

So, yes, we would very much love to do this, and bring our expertise to the table. But we are still a bit hesitating doing this. We are doing our best, especially since we do have nice ideas. But it is relatively new to us. I belief we are still way too humble to show our ideas. We are not the type of organization that throws big luscious parties at trade shows. You will not see us in expensive Armani-suits showing off what we can do. The funny thing is that we could. We just like to take things a bit less over-the-top.