Delta Airlines – Question #47: Does the factory employ workers under the local working age? 


Very easy – No. It is not wanted, requested, nor something we want to see in our factories at all. It is a “no-go” during the first steps of selecting a new factory, (and after that process of course too).

The information I can give you is what we know, and what we experienced over the years. And that is that we never seen child labor. We have heard news in the media that this happens in the clothing industry, but we have never experienced it.

What is the average age of the workers?  (Provide an audited list of workers with valid id’s)

If we take for example the factory we have in mind for Delta, the average ages are as follows:

Management50 – 75 years
Factory floor25 – 35 years
Packing20 – 25 years
Administration30 – 55 years
Maintanance30 – 55 years

For the ID’s – I cannot send them. According to Dutch law this falls under privacy regulations.