Delta Airlines – Question #32: Will your organization agree to submit electronic order confirmation and shipping notices?


Order confirmation is important. Delta needs to know that we received a PO and/or any other instruction. You need to rely on that this is taken care off and a simple acknowledgement that we are working on it is important.

By the time we get that far, I will introduce you to our group of people who take care of your product, logistics and everything.

Shipping notices: That is possible. We are doing all this under the assumption we will keep stock at MLCO in the USA. However, you can be alerted when we make shipment of new stock to the USA to replenish the volumes.

What I normally do at regular dates in time is send you or whoever takes care of that – is a very simple overview of:

  1. What is in stock at the moment at MLCO
  2. What is on the water coming to the US, (including ETA)
  3. What is in production, (including ETD China)
  4. List of open PO’s
  5. Planning – if there are volumes available
  6. Buffer – what we agree on

It is not rocket-science. In the end the number of stock/production cannot be lower than what we need to produce. And we prefer to keep the stock levels or buffer a bit higher in the beginning. If we have this under control, than the rest is easier. You do not need to worry about a certain group of product. That is taken care off. This is also what I meant earlier on with less contacts. We want to be a high-level-quality-supplier, and a low-problem-supplier at the same time.

Especially now when we are re-starting. You will notice that lots of volume will disappear, regardless if this product is the same or very similar to the old spec. All the stations have sent back their stock to the USA as they do not want to be sitting on that volume. Most probably your warehouse is pretty full. Once we re-start, everybody will start ordering his/her private little stock, on top of what they expect to use, and they will all think they are going to run out. So, please let’s keep the volumes up in the beginning. That will balance itself out later on. This is not some sales trick. Delta will never consume more than it needs, but you definitely do not want to be short.