Delta Airlines – Question #11: Where would Delta stand as it relates to sales volume in your ranking of customers?

Top 10

In this RFP we are bidding on 15+ products. How far up in the top 10 depends how many products Sola will be awarded. Plus these volumes are the downsized COVID-numbers, so initially the volume/turnover will not be easy to assess.

We categorize our customers indeed by volume, but also by amount of work, visits and time-frame. Ofcourse volume is important. That is what puts an airline or railway in the top 10, 20 or … it is easy to calculate. For us the amount of work is important. Right now I can say we are quiete busy with this RFP. As mentioned before, we have not worked together before, so we need to get used to each other. Some aspects are a piece of cake for you, which might be little more difficult for us. I don’t know how your PO-system is working, but we have experience with very simple to extreme cases.

Visits are needed in the beginning to make sure WHAT we are going to produce and supply is what we both agree on. Time-frame is the point in time during a project. Let me give you the example of the high-speed-Eurostar train that runs between Paris and London. They have a fixed schedule that does not change. There are no additional stops, and the service is pretty much the same all year long, as far as equipment is concerned. We see a very steady consumption for the last 6 years now, and the only time we need to sit together is an annual dinner in Paris. We keep stock for them here in our warehouse and on a regular basis we get the call to produce a certain amount of volume. They are in the top 10 for us financially, but the amount of work is one of the least there is.

In terms of time we will spend more time on Delta. And eventually when things start rolling, the contact between us will become automatically less. On the background we have staff that will be busy with Delta, like quality checks and inventory management. That is something I will manage from our office, but you will not see that.