Pattern Palermo:

Palermo is a very successful design in the European hotel/restaurant business. It is round, it is elegant, it is modern and it is heavier compared to many other designs.

Decoration ring:

Palermo has a very distinguished decoration ring at the top of the handle. And we are always interested to see how our cutlery looks like when you make very subtle changes. We have taken the liberty to add samples of Palermo WITHOUT the ring at the handle. As you can see it changes the entire view of the item. You may like it or not, we just wanted to show you that option is available.


You have received three black folders with samples. If you open the folder and spread them out you will see three parts. From the top to the bottom and from left to right you will find the following samples:

  • Table knife
  • Table fork
  • Table spoon
  • Dessert knife; with stamped logo
  • Dessert fork; with stamped logo
  • Dessert spoon; with stamped logo
  • Dessert knife; with laser logo
  • Dessert fork; with laser logo
  • Dessert spoon; with laser logo
  • Steak knife
  • Fish fork
  • Fish knife
  • Round soup spoon
  • Cocktail fork
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Teaspoon 130 mm
  • Demi spoon 110 mm
  • Side plate knife
  • Serving fork
  • Serving spoon


I noticed that so far we have not shown you any designs in a matt finish. Now they are all mirror polished. Also here I have taken the liberty to add a regular dessert knife, -fork & -spoon in a matt finish.

The technique is that you first finish the cutlery as you would normally do. Then each piece is pushed against a high-speed-spinning wheel that is much harder compared to the cotton wheels that do the normal polishing. Remarkably it is such an easy step to do, that in terms of price there is no difference. Finishing an item in such a way creates again a totally different look and feel. In fact it can be done with any design you want.

Because of the ring separating the top part and the handle you can also decided to leave the handle matt and the top in mirror. Also here we added a set for you to see and feel.

The last set at the bottom right is dessert size set where we took the ring off. Small change – big difference.