Pattern Eclipse:

Elipse is one of the latest designs we added to our range. It is categorized under the so-called “Signature Collection”. This is a collection of 3 designs that are produced in the top class of highest quality, finish and craftsmanship.

The main features are the completely flat top part of the handle, in combination with the round shape underneath. Technically this is very difficult and the polishing is of the highest standard.


You have received three black folders with samples. If you open the folder and spread them out you will see three parts. From the top to the bottom and from left to right you will find the following samples, all in the same pattern Eclipse:

  • Table knife
  • Table fork
  • Table spoon
  • Dessert knife; with stamped logo
  • Dessert fork; with stamped logo
  • Dessert spoon; with stamped logo
  • Dessert knife; with laser logo
  • Dessert fork; with laser logo
  • Dessert spoon; with laser logo
  • Steak knife
  • Round soup spoon
  • Cocktail fork
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Teaspoon 133 mm
  • Demi spoon 111 mm
  • Side plate knife
  • Serving fork
  • Serving spoon


At the lower part of the folder, I have added two additional Eclipse sets. One of them is the standard dessert knife, -fork and -spoon, but where we cut the end of the handle diagonally. There is an additional step in the end. Again you can see that a very simple change, can make a subtle change the appearance compared to the original design.

I am also adding a set, (again a dessert knife, -fork & – spoon), but these are cut back in thickness. The knife has been brought back from 8,0 mm to 5,0 mm. The fork and spoon from 5,0 mm to 4,0 mm. This to show you the difference compared to the original set, and you can see the original shape/style is kept intact.