Pattern Durban:

Durban is a perfect combination of a classical and modern style cutlery set. Additional elements are the steps at the end of the handle, and the curved end at the back.

Durban is also the design that won the Mercury Award, but that was for the hollow handle version.

Monoblock versus hollow handle:

Back in March we already explained the difference. In short: when a cutlery item is made from one piece, that is called “monoblock”. Due to the style/thickness Durban is able to be made in a hollow-handle version. It means that for the spoon and fork there is a top and bottom part. Those are welded together leaving space in the middle, creating a hollow handle piece. The knife is a bit different. The handles are produced in a similar way, but the handle is soldered on top of it. Basically the knife is a 3-piece-item. The soldering lines and the different parts are grinded off, and the polishing is so good, that you cannot see they are actually multiple parts.


I want to make clear that what we offered back in March are prices for the monoblock version. Of course I can quote you the hollow handle, but since that is done in a specific factory I need to update the pricing each time there is a request for this type of cutlery. To give you an idea, you should calculate an approximate double price for this type of cutlery. On the other side the weight saving of 50% is phenomenal. Plus the lead times are also longer as each and every individual piece needs to be welded. If you interested I can show you some video’s I made when I visited that factory in 2018.


You have received three black folders with samples. If you open the folder and spread them out you will see three parts. From top to the bottom and from left to right you will find the following samples, all in the same pattern Durban:

  • Table knife
  • Table fork
  • Table spoon
  • Dessert knife; with stamped logo
  • Dessert fork; with stamped logo
  • Dessert spoon; with stamped logo
  • Dessert knife; with laser logo
  • Dessert fork; with laser logo
  • Dessert spoon; with laser logo
  • Steak knife
  • Fish fork
  • Fish knife
  • Round soup spoon
  • Cocktail fork
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Teaspoon 130 mm
  • Demi spoon 110 mm
  • Side plate knife
  • Serving fork
  • Serving spoon


At the bottom section of this folder you will find pattern Durban in the hollow handle version. It are the table knife, -fork & -spoon and the dessert knife, -fork & -spoon.