Light weight plastic replacement cutlery Advantages

What are the advantages using this new ultra-light cutlery set?

  • Light weight
  • Recyclable / circular
  • Rotable/disposable
  • Pricing
  • Sanitized (COVID-19)
  • Set packing

Light weight

In order to be a workable and affordable option to replace single-use-plastics all three options are specifically designed to be ultralight. The weight varies from 5 to 11 grams, which is phenomenal.

This cutlery is manufactured in a remarkable thin 0,5 mm thickness. The sets are strengthened at strategic points to make them strong enough for any type of service on board.

Recyclable / circular

Stainless steel is a natural product and no chemicals or other materials are added during the production process. It means that this cutlery is a fully circular product. It is easy to collect, separated and recyclable.

The impact on our environment with stainless steel will be much less compared to plastics, which in many cases needs to be burned in order to be disposed of.

Rotable & disposable

Even though our solutions are light weight, this cutlery is made of the same stainless steel used for many other cutlery sets. It means that it can be washed and used again, making it a rotable cutlery set.

In case it is decided to have this product used as a disposable set, that is the choice you have available too.


Key point for this project was not just the weight factor. Keeping the price at a certain level was equally important. Main reason to aim for this price level was the fact it will replace SUP’s, which are already economically priced.

This special ultralight cutlery is also not produced in the standard way. A special fully-automatic factory, capable of working 24/7, was set-up to get the volumes and the price level we need.


When this cutlery comes out of production, it will be washed before it is packed.

It means the cutlery is ready for immediate usage, which is in this period of COVID-19 an advantage as it avoids washing and further handling.