• Winner of the
    Mercury Award 2018


Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. has won the 2018 Mercury Award in the category Equipment Passenger!

What are the Mercury Awards?

The Mercurys is the most prestigious award in the travel catering business worldwide. All entrants are judged by a professional jury. Key points are the product itself, pro-activity, innovation and environmental impact.

Finalists were announced in December 2018 in Abu Dhabi, and we are proud to be the winner in this category.

What product has won?

Pattern Durban

The winner is pattern Durban, but this special version is made with a hollow handle. This means that the design looks like an exclusive cutlery piece, but the weight difference is phenomenal.

Pattern Siena & Eclipse

Siena and Eclipse are new cutlery designs that were recently put in our collection. They are made from the finest quality steel, best craftsmanship and best finish.

What are the advantages of hollow handle cutlery?

Hollow handle is a technique where 2 parts are welded together, creating the handle. The blade is then soldered or inserted on the handle. There are various options possible. With Durban we use this technique for a more modern cutlery set. It means you will have the look, but not the weight that is expected considering its size.

For the airline business any weight saving is important. With this technique you can achieve weight reduction and consequently fuel savings.

What to do next?

The Mercurys has its reputation. Being announced a winner proofs a lot. You can also benefit from the advantages that are judged and awarded. We are more than willing to advise and assist you further. Please contact Mr. Maarten Grisèl if you are located in the Middle East or Far East.

Please contact Mr. Hans Engels if you are located in Europe, USA/Canada, mid & south America or Africa.

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